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(Reno, NV) - Flamingos in the Tree formed in a college dorm in Reno, Nevada. Daniel Escovar had been writing and releasing music as a solo artist searching for musicians to help make the music come to life. After hearing a guitar through a door, in his dorm hall, Daniel found multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Spencer Thomas, who lived just across the hall from him. The two songwriters began working together to write songs. Soon after, Spencer mentioned he had been jamming with drummer, Jarvis Humlick at a music club organized at their school. After trying to host rehearsals in his dorm room Daniel received a series of noise complaints and the three could no longer play music where they resided. Infuriated and deprived of their emotional and artistic outlet, the three looked to the church across the street for a space to rehearse. They were granted a spot in the basement, one of the main locations where their debut Album ‘sunsets that i had w u’ was recorded and produced. Later, multi-instrumentalist James Pizzo contacted Daniel in search of a band. Amazing the group with his musical style, skill, and dedication he was the last vital addition to the creative project known as Flamingos in the Tree. The four smooth indie rockers have relocated to the Bay Area to continue their musical journey together.

Responsible Agent - North America: Kameron Salek