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(San Francisco, CA) - Spooky Mansion is the musical project of Bay Area-bred singer/songwriter Grayson Converse. Cruising between Northern and Southern California since 2015, Spooky Mansion’s tunes combine garage & psychedelic rock with high energy, breezy surf vibes to create an easygoing West Coast melodic marriage. Converse writes songs that combine nostalgic rock & roll energy with hints of country, jazz, and rock, all coming together into one big dance party. 

The group has been touring the United States over the last few years, playing with such notable names as Natalia LaFourcade and Cafe Tacuba. Spooky Mansion’s live show is a high energy, raucous affair, with long time players Rob Mills, Marty Reising and Braden Lyle all backing up Converse’s rickety rasp and yelpy vocals.

The quartet’s most recent album, The Curse, was released independently in 2021 and “captures the Los Angeles-based band’s infectious grooviness,” according to American Songwriter. Spooky Mansion are currently recording a new album, due to be released in 2024.

Responsible Agent - North America: Kameron Salek